Fornite vs Apple: Battle Royale

The giant tech company from Cupertino has finally a contender: Epic Games.

Apple, having reached such an high level in worldwide brand awareness, is well known for bullying everyone else. Starting from his customers, obliged to pay a big extra for a “luxury” piece of technology but not able to choose what software to run. They have a limited choice from a list of Apple approved content. It’s like buying a car that can run only on specific limited roads.

The bullying involves also all the commercial partners obliged to comply to his standards without any possibility of negotiations.

Scared of loosing a significant portion of the market, until now no one dared to go against the giant company.

Epic games tried to escape the Apple limits by providing an extra 20% discount on purchase outside the Apple “walled garden”.

The reaction of the bully was quick, removing the Epic Fortnite game from their systems. No one can install the famous Epic game anymore on their iPhone or iPad.

The same happened also on Google play store, but Android owners have more freedom since they can download Fortnite from the official site.

It will be interesting to follow the outcomes: it’s a good case for antitrust autority.

It’s really brilliant the idea of Epig Games mimicking the 1984 spot, with Apple taking the role of the Big Brother.

In less than a minute the video shed light on the fact that in 2020 the main threat against freedom it’s not coming from the Russian block but from an US tech company.